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The benefits of connection

With LeanSight connections are created. Communication brings people, companies, programs and the project together. This improves the quality, efficiency and ease in achieving project objectives.


The level of communication in a project has a major influence on the end result. LeanSight communicates only relevant information to the parties. Which makes it easy and accessible to focus on the essence of a project.

My Company

Are you working on several projects at the same time? If so, you will find an overview of your tasks – and those of your colleagues – from various projects here. LeanSight has made a free capacity schedule for your company on the ‘My Company’ page.

LeanSight app

LeanSight is accessible from anywhere at any time. You can access it from the construction site, in the car or at home. Via the app you can tick off your task (mark as complete or send a message why it hasn’t been succeed yet) from anywhere at any time and anyone can easily see the planning.


Quality assurance

In the field of quality assurance, LeanSight has joined forces with Woningborg in the Netherlands as KYP Project. Through Woningborg, the Woningborg Quality Assurance Instrument [Woningborg Kwaliteitsborging Instrument] (WKI) has been developed to monitor the quality of the construction. It’s important to plan these moments of monitoring the quality in the most effective way, so it won’t influence the project planning. KYP Project is part of the WKI and enables you to schedule these monitoring moments into your KYP Project planning.


It is easy to order products from Dutch suppliers like Raab Karcher, BMN and Polvo in your planning. You schedule the time and location for the delivery of products alongside the task for which they are needed. This saves a great deal of paperwork, telephone calls and additional storage at the construction site.

Planning programs

When preparing a project planning, the integrated schedule is often made in Asta PowerProject or MS Project. With these complex planning programs, there are lots of smart functions you can use to link together a series of projects in the long term.  The proper use of these programs requires a specialist who is able to apply all the functions effectively. That’s why people often switch to LeanSight when the realization of a project starts. Because that’s when all involved parties need to be continually informed, not just the planning specialist.

Plannings made in Asta Powerproject, MS Project and even Primavera can be easily imported to LeanSight.

Check and control

LeanSight has various partnerships with organizations in the field of monitoring. For now those are only Dutch partnerships. You can, for example, schedule moments of quality monitoring with Woningborg in your LeanSight planning. Or easily link the check points from your HomeDNA  checklist to the planning.

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