For whom we make a difference:

Managing Director

LeanSight provides the desired overview of a project for the managing director of the organization. Useful functions have been added to LeanSight for someone who spends most of their time in the office rather than on the construction site. These functions include the role ‘Viewer’ or ‘View only’, which ensure that the person sees the same information as the Project Manager, but without being able to make any changes.

Project Manager

LeanSight offers many advantages for the project manager:

  • Maintain an overview of one or several projects.
  • Use the countdown to see how long the project will go on for and whether action needs to be taken depending on the colour (red/blue).
  • Take a free capacity schedule from My Company.
  • Use LeanSight Analytics to see the project status and which parties are performing best.

By working with LeanSight, a project manager can manage multiple projects in a simple and efficient manner.


The performer can create a planning in LeanSight quickly and easily. What would normally take the performer a lot of time in other programs can be achieved in LeanSight in no time. When the performer works with LeanSight, they ensure that all parties are informed of the current status of the planning.

By maintaining the progress together with the parties in the project, miscommunication is prevented and both project and parties can be managed easily. LeanSight is the tool that enables the performer to get a (better) grip on the project.