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With LeanSight, every organization can continually improve. With smart analysis capabilities, we provide a keen insight into the performance of projects and involved parties. This enables you to see if and where you need to take steps to improve.

LeanSight Analytics

With LeanSight Analytics, we go one step further than effective planning and mutual communication. We provide you with an insight into what’s working well and what’s not and why. LeanSight Analytics provides you with valuable project data.

Lean factor

The Lean factor is part of this valuable information. The Lean factor indicates the likelihood (between 0% and 100%) of the completion (contract date) being realised. The Lean factor is an algorithm based on the way in which the project is progressing up until now. The red or green smiley shows whether the Lean factor has increased or decreased since yesterday.

Plan vs. Practice

Projects sometimes encounter delays. If this happens, the schedule will be adjusted. The project progress is shown in a graph. One line shows the project plan (green) and another line shows how the project is progressing in practice (blue). In your personal settings you can specify if you want an orange line added to the bottom of delayed or rescheduled post-its. This enables you to easily look back in the project to see which tasks were delayed.

Holding grip of the use of the LeanSight planning is crucial in order for the project to run smoothly. LeanSight Analytics is an important tool for project managers.
- Sander de Weert , van Wanrooij

Digital file

If you want to manage all the data relating to a finalised project, you can do so by downloading the Digital File. All project information is then accessible: the planned and actual start of each activity, the end of each activity and quantities per activity. You can also see when documents became available and were read. All communication via messages is accessible retrospectively, even if notifications have been confirmed (on time, too late, not). A quick analysis of the digital file provides an insight into the progress of the project and all participants. In a subsequent project, you then know the points for improvement from the last project.

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